New York Sushi Ko

 Chef/Owner John Daley seeks to provide an intimate experience in his eleven seat restaurant focusing on modern Omakase style dining. The idea of Omakase, which loosely translates to "let me choose for you", is to place your trust in the hands of the chef, allowing him to select the most fresh and fitting dishes. This trust between the diner and the Itamae (chef) provides an opportunity for a unique and ever evolving dining experience.


Sushi Chef / Owner John Daley

John Daley’s journey into food has led him around the world and back again, through many different cuisines and stations in the industry. Daley finally discovered his calling under the mentorship of acclaimed sushi chef Masato Shimizu of Michelin-starred 15 East. From there, he went to train in Tokyo under Shimizu’s mentor, Rikio Kugo of the renowned Sukeroku. While studying in Japan, Daley made deep connections with the fishing community, enabling New York Sushi Ko to deliver some of the finest, freshest fish in the world to its eight seats.